Blueprints are representations of objects- to-be of the highest technical order. Combining the technical drawing and the instructions on how to execute that drawing, the CAD file you send and squeeze into any sort of printer can be regarded as such. Blueprints and their derivatives form an essential component of open design, as they are the appearance of design in the form of content-to-be-materialized. As such, they are food for thought for IP lawyers who embrace the open design ideology: blueprints for all!

blueprints contents in Open Design Now:


DESIGNING FOR COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION. The 20th century was the unfortunate era of hyper- consumerism. You know the stats: basically, the world is ending, and we, the insatiable consumers of the world, are at fault. Traditionally, there are two solutions for … Continue reading

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Introduction / Marleen Stikker

The pioneers of our time are not taking the world at face value, as a given from outside; rather, they see the world as something you can pry open, something you can tinker with. Marleen Stikker In his novel The … Continue reading

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Preface / Bas van Abel, Lucas Evers & Roel Klaassen

Open design existed before the publication of this book, of course. At the end of the last century, it was defined as design whose makers allowed its free distribution and documentation and permitted modifications and derivations of it. More than … Continue reading

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