Renny Ramakers

Renny Ramakers is the director of Droog Design in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is trained as an art historian; after her studies she decided to specialize in design and to make history herself by creating projects which stretch the borders of design thinking and create interaction with the public. Renny curates design exhibitions, is a judging panellist on various design boards and gives lectures and leads workshops worldwide. For Renny, “open design means that you’re open towards the user, that you open yourself to the user. Not by conducting market research and so on, but by being open to people, by giving people something to do, by interacting, by not planning everything right down to the last detail.”

Renny Ramakers contents in Open Design Now:


Renny Ramakers talks about Droog’s latest project Downloadable Design, about making money, designing for the masses, the development of the design profession, and Droog Design’s recent experiments and research in sustainability, local production, co-creation, upcycling and collective revitalization of the … Continue reading

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