Tommi Laitio

Tommi Laitio acts as a researcher for Finland’s only independent think-tank, Demos Helsinki. Its aim is to develop democracy to suit the needs and capabilities of the people of the 21st century. The vision is essentially people-centric. At the heart of Demos Helsinki’s work is extensive, high-quality research. It produces scenarios, recommendations and experiments that offer new insights into grasping the great challenges of the future. Central themes are well-being, democracy and citizen participation, future cities and low-carbon societies. For Tommi, “open design is a tool to solve problems that arise from systemic moral bankruptcy, building stronger communities along the way.”

Tommi Laitio contents in Open Design Now:


Can open design contribute to the world’s bigger problems, such as depletion and squandering of natural resources, population growth, consumerism and widespread poverty? In turn, can pooling knowledge and resources, re-evaluating the concept of time, and facilitating user participation help open … Continue reading

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