Bert Mulder

Bert Mulder is an associate professor of Information, Technology and Society and the director of the eSociety Instituut at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. He also advises government ministries, large cities and large and small organizations in business, healthcare, arts and culture and non-profit areas on the development of long-term internet strategies. Bert also acts as a consultant and concept developer for new services and systems that use information and communication technology. According to Bert, “open design is the design of products, systems or services through the use of publicly shared design information and processes. The philosophy is similar to open source.”

Bert Mulder contents in Open Design Now:


Governmental institutions are challenged to use design and open design as a strategic tool. Bert Mulder addresses issues of participation and quality, and suggests how a government could develop a system that would include information, tools, methods and a set … Continue reading

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