Andrew Katz

Andrew Katz is a former software engineer and partner at Moorcrofts LLP in Marlow, Bucks, UK, specializing in advising clients on intellectual property and other aspects of open source software. For Andrew, “a design is an open design if it bears four freedoms. One: The freedom to use the design, including making items based on it, for any purpose. Two: The freedom to study how the design works, and change it to make it do what you wish. Three: The freedom to redistribute copies of the design so you can help your neighbour. Four: The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions of the design to others so the whole community can benefit from your changes. Access to the design documents is a precondition for these freedoms.”

Andrew Katz contents in Open Design Now:


Andrew Katz traces the origins of the problems of copyright legislation and practice when confronted with the natural, human, social mode of creative endeavour. Building on developments in open source software, he outlines how designers could benefit from a similar … Continue reading

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