Matt Ratto

Matt Ratto is an assistant professor and the director of the Critical Making Lab in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, Canada, where he studies hands-on productive work as a reflective activity. According to Matt, “open design is a shorthand term for a shift in the institutions, practices and tools of design, a shift that is indicative of a re-democratization of making as a key human activity. The main value of open design is not just that more people are able to be engaged in constructive material activity, but that by being thus engaged, the wider population potentially develops critical material literacies that encourage greater insight into the social and environmental values of built objects.”

Matt Ratto contents in Open Design Now:


Open design can be employed to develop a critical perspective on the current institutions, practices and norms of society, and to reconnect materiality and morality. Matt Ratto introduces ‘critical making’ as processes of material and conceptual exploration and creation of … Continue reading

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