Jos de Mul

Jos de Mul is a full professor in Philosophical Anthropology and head of the Philosophy of Man and Culture section at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is the scientific director of the ‘Philosophy of Information and Communication Technology’ research institute. His research focuses on the (partly overlapping) domains of philosophical anthropology, philosophy of art and culture, and the philosophy of information and communication technologies.
According to Jos, “the open design movement seems to be part of a shift in the world of design from form via content to context, or from syntax via semantics to pragmatics, as my colleague Henk Oosterling expressed it in his Premsela Lecture last year.”

Jos de Mul contents in Open Design Now:


Open design is not a clear and unambiguous development or practice. Jos de Mul names a few of the problems he perceives with open design, without venturing to suggest any indication of how they might be solved. He then goes … Continue reading

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