Joost Smiers

Joost Smiers is a Professor Emeritus in Political Science of the Arts at Utrecht School of the Arts, The Netherlands, and has been a visiting professor at the Department of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA, Los Angeles. He has written, lectured and researched extensively on decision-making in cultural matters worldwide, on new visions of creative and intellectual property, copyright and the public domain, on freedom of expression versus responsibility, and on cultural identities. For Joost Smiers, “the appropriate term is not open design, but the open designer. The open designer does not spend any time suing other designers. Originality? Any image has been inspired by many other images.”

Joost Smiers contents in Open Design Now:


The present copyright system is beneficial for a few best-selling artists while providing no benefits at all for most creative professionals. Joost Smiers explores ways to improve the market, including the financial situation of most artists and designers, and to … Continue reading

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