Paul Atkinson

Paul Atkinson is an industrial designer, design historian and educator; he lectures and conducts research at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK as a Reader in Design.
For Paul, open design is “the internet-enabled collaborative creation of artefacts by a dispersed group of otherwise unrelated individuals. As a purely creative exercise, open design promotes the unprecedented sharing of knowledge between the professional and amateur designer, breaking down unnecessary barriers. When carried out for the common good rather than for capital gain or profit, open design allows the sharing of creative skills between developed and undeveloped nations for humanitarian benefit, countering the ramifications of global product consumerism.”

Paul Atkinson contents in Open Design Now:


Investigating the roots of open design and identifying its resulting technological, economical and societal changes, Atkinson contemplates the vast consequences this development will have for the design profession and the distribution of design. Paul Atkinson The concepts of open design … Continue reading

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