Marleen Stikker

Marleen Stikker developed the ‘Digital City’ (DDS) in Amsterdam, which was the first European free gateway and virtual community on the internet, a place where many Dutch citizens, organizations, companies and publishers took their first tentative steps on the digital highway. Marleen also founded Waag Society, a media lab developing creative technical applications for societal innovation. Waag Society is also concerned with the social effects of the internet and actively promotes Open Data. For Marleen, “Open design is part of a growing possibilitarian movement. Rooted in information and communication technology, it gives us all the instruments to become the one-man factory, the world player operating from a small back room.”

Marleen Stikker contents in Open Design Now:

Introduction / Marleen Stikker

The pioneers of our time are not taking the world at face value, as a given from outside; rather, they see the world as something you can pry open, something you can tinker with. Marleen Stikker In his novel The … Continue reading

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