Bas van Abel

Bas is passionate about developing a wide variety of projects based on open design principles. As co- founder of Waag Society’s Fab Lab (a community fabrication laboratory) and the Instructables Restaurant (an open source restaurant), he is an active member of the international maker and digital fabrication community.

Bas has a background in interaction design and a personal interest in electronics and has been working on many projects both as a designer and technical engineer. As head of the Open Design Lab he currently researches the interface between production technologies and network cultures. Some of his current projects are: FairPhone – building world’s first fair mobile phone, Fab Lab Suriname – setting up a Fablab in Suriname, and the (Un)limited Design Contest – an open source design contest.

Bas van Abel contents in Open Design Now:


(Un)Limited Design contest Experimenting with Open Design Bas van Abel Open design covers an extensive area and its contours are not yet clearly defined, making it difficult for designers to come to grips with the developments. One of the most tangible open … Continue reading

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Preface / Bas van Abel, Lucas Evers & Roel Klaassen

Open design existed before the publication of this book, of course. At the end of the last century, it was defined as design whose makers allowed its free distribution and documentation and permitted modifications and derivations of it. More than … Continue reading

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